According to Joshua 1:8

June 8, 2024

According to joshua 1:8

The first thing that Joshua must do in order to enter into the blessing God had promised him was to meditate on His law. This means that he had to regularly read and “chew on” the Bible – literally muttering it in his mouth, pondering it, chewing it, meditating upon it, and having it ready in his heart on all occasions (see discussion of observing and interrogating contrasts to help you do this).

It was also necessary for Joshua to take up the law, and uphold and maintain that holy religion which Moses had established amongst the people. It was the law that made men prosperous and gave them success, and this is why Joshua was charged to be careful in obeying it.

This verse is frequently misinterpreted by those who promote the seductive Prosperity Gospel as a promise that Christians should experience prosperity and material wealth in this life. It should not be taken out of its context and interpreted as such, but rather as a promise to conquer the land of Canaan, which involved military success and nothing else.

The point is that the way to spiritual prosperity, and the way to victory in this life, lies through obedience – not prayer requests, not positive thinking, not even fasting. It is the meditating and heeding of God’s Word – which he calls his law – that leads to material, physical, and financial success in this life and into eternity.


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