5 Ways to Make Money With Sawdust

April 8, 2023

What Does Sawdust Do?

When manufacturers make products like paperboard, particle board and insulation, sawdust is an inevitable byproduct. Some people even buy it to use in their home wood-burning stoves and furnaces. Biomass power plants want it for fuel, but if you’re looking for a place to sell your sawdust for cash, there are a few options.

How To Clean A Garage Floor

Moisten a pile of sawdust and push a broom over it to sweep away dust and dirt. This process is especially effective if you’re working in a basement or shop, where there are lots of small nooks and crannies that can collect dust.

Put Some TLC Into Your Garden

Spreading a layer of sawdust around the base of your flowers, vegetables and herbs is an eco-friendly way to protect the soil and retain moisture while keeping roots cool. It also prevents weeds and holds soil together for a more stable growth.

Make a Fire Starter With Sawdust

Melt leftover candle wax in a nonstick pot over low heat and add enough sawdust to thicken the liquid, then pour into an empty paper egg carton to create a "briquette" that can be used to light up a fire.

What's the Best Way To Sell Your Sawdust?

Selling your sawdust is a great way to get rid of it and make some extra money, but it's important to find a buyer who needs your product. You can do this by posting flyers in local businesses or making a website or social media page. You can even package it into small bags and sell it at local farmer's markets or fairs.


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